SPECIALLY Designed For Cleaning Business Owners:

The Ultimate Turnkey Marketing Website


Lets You Create A Sales Optimized Website
In Just 5 MINUTES!

And the best part: It works even if you are a brand new cleaning company.

Ready To Stop Waiting Around For Clients to Just "Show Up" And Actually Do Something About It?

How Does It Work?

Pick Your Template

Pick your favorite template from our library of cleaning service website designs.

Personalize Your Content

Next you will add your business information, brand colors, and optimize your website content to perfection.

Start Sharing Your Site!

That's it! You're now ready to start sharing your new Clean Site with the world and start bringing in new leads!


"Clean Site" Turnkey Website


What if getting a sales optimized, SEO Friendly website was as easy as starting your car? Just take a seat, turn they key and…

Off you go to the races.

That is the “Clean Site” System.

It’s the Ultimate Turnkey System to get your Cleaning Business consistent exposure to your local market with a Sales Optimized website. Fast & painless to setup. Working for you in no time.

Obviously I can’t run your business for you.

However, what I can do is share with you our custom built website platform that does everything you need it to do without breaking the bank.



The Clean Site

The Ultimate Website For Cleaners

Forget about settling for a cheap one-page website that doesn’t tell the full story of your professional cleaning business. 

The Clean Site Was Made Just For Cleaners

It doesn’t matter if you’re a technical pro or a complete newbie.

The Clean Site has everything you need to take you from where you’re at to where you want to go. 

All you have to do is select your theme, add your business information, and you’re all set.


Cleaning Entrepreneurs...

I have a very important message just for you (A message I wish someone would have given me 8 years ago):

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Every minute you save not working on a broken website, is another minute you can spend working ON your business, not IN your business.

Turnkey Websites = Freedom

Inside Your Clean Site

Here is EVERYTHING You Need
To Have A Perfect Cleaning Website


Sales & Conversion Optimized


No more poorly optimized websites that COST you money instead of MAKING you money.

We made the Clean Site to do one thing: SELL!

You get real, proven templates that work for selling cleaning services. Period.

Sales Funnel Optimization - Rungs

"70% of small business websites have no call-to-action and 50% of online sales are lost when visitors can't find content."

Source: Google.com

...And much, MUCH more.


Take Over The Search Results With


Ranking on Google isn’t rocket science. You just need to have a well engineered and well optimized website that tells the Search Engines what your company does!

Your Clean Site comes fully equipped with SEO Tools to make it easy to optimize your site for Google, Bing, and other search engines.

You’ll also have access to our Knowledgebase which will show you how to optimize your own site without having to pay crazy marketing agency fees!

"13% of local businesses receive fewer than 100 visitors to their sites each month, while 55% receive fewer than 500."

Source: SearchEngineJournal.com

The Secrets To Ranking
Baked Into Your Clean Site.
Just Hit The Switch!

Some people take years to rank in the search engines. Don’t delay on getting a head start on securing your position in your local market.

Google My Business & Local SEO for Cleaning Services - Clean Fortune

...And much, MUCH more.


Seal the deal from the first impression


People judge books by their covers and your website is no exception. 

The moment your website visitors set eyes on your site, they make a snap judgement.

It is up to YOU to make sure that you make an amazing first impression with your audience so you can follow through with your amazing service offering.

And the Clean Site lets you do that with EASE.

"A person’s first impression is formed primarily based on the design-related elements of your site, which is also what underlies a person’s judgment on how credible you are as a business."

Source: BCS.org

Having a website that provides a pleasant user experience will supercharge your leads.

Stop missing out on quality contracts due to these little bumps in the road.

Cleaning Business Websites - Clean Fortune

...And much, MUCH more.


Get the best technology with


You’re a Cleaning Business owner. Not a programmer.

You need technology to work for you, not the other way around.

And the Clean Site was built with you and your needs in mind.

By using only the most advanced, up-to-date technology we have created a user-friendly platform that is robust but also easy for non-techies to use.

"In reality hackers, more often than not, target small businesses. 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. Yet only 14% are able to mitigate such risks effectively. ."

Source: SmallBizTrends.com

Never worry about having an outdated, unsecure site again!

You’ve got a business to run, not a server to maintain.

Turn-key Marketing Solution For Cleaning Businesses - Clean Fortune

...And much, MUCH more.


"Clean Site" Turnkey Website


What if getting a sales optimized, SEO Friendly website was as easy as starting your car? Just take a seat, turn they key and…

Off you go to the races.

That is the “Clean Site” System.

It’s the Ultimate Turnkey System to get your Cleaning Business consistent exposure to your local market with a Sales Optimized website. Fast & painless to setup. Working for you in no time.

The Ultimate Turnkey Marketing Website


Let's You Create A Sales Optimized Website
In Just 5 MINUTES.

Cleaning Business Websites - Clean Fortune

Total Value: $8,326

Get Instant Access
FREE 14-Day Trial!

Then Only $27/mo. Billed every 30 days.

Cancel Anytime


The BAD NEWS is:

The Clean Site Is NOT for everyone

Sorry folks. Maybe next time.


It's SPECIALLY Designed For

Cleaning Pros

Whether you’re just getting started or already have a profitable cleaning company, the Clean Site was built with your goals in mind.

"Hi, I am Tom Varney...
... and I HATE wasting time"

It looks like we have a few things in common:

1. I’m a serial entrepreneur & I love helping others succeed (just like you). I’m super grateful that I have the opportunity to help Cleaning Pros grow their businesses worldwide.

2. I HATE WASTING TIME. PERIOD. (just like you?)

Tom Varney - Clean Fortune CEO

But that’s the problem when you’re first starting your business or working on your website. It’s a huge time waste for the most part.

You’ve first got to identify the problem. Next you need to do research on the subject. Then piece together bits and pieces from different sources. Then hire a developer or designer. OR buy an overpriced solution when you’re at wits end and need the solution right then, not in 2 months.

I spent YEARS going through that exact same process of wasting precious time and money trying to make the perfect website. And that GUTWRENCHING FEELING of stress and anxiety it produced.

And that’s…


I Created The Clean Site

I don’t want you to feel that pain I went through. That frustrated feeling of being overwhelmed.

Thanks to the Clean Site…

You NEVER have spend valuable time building a website again.

The ultimate marketing machine, right at your fingertips, doing all of the dirty work for you.


The Ultimate How-To

Take Pictures For Your Site

Expert Guide

If you’re like me taking pictures to post on your website or social media is like asking me to perform brain surgery. I would take 1,000 pictures and they would all SUCK!

Then I learned the secrets..

To take the perfect picture for my website. Every. Single. Time.

This easy to follow guide will keep your images clear, trustworthy, and optimized to get more trust, more clicks, and more leads.


Exclusive Training For Cleaning Companies

10 Fatal Flaws

Every Cleaning Website Needs To Avoid

You’re getting visitors to your site. You’re ranking well on Google. Your name is EVERYWHERE. But your email inbox is empty and your phone hasn’t rang in a week.

Odds are you’re a victim of one of at least 1 of the 10 Fatal Flaws Every Cleaning Business Website Needs To Avoid.

During this FREE TRAINING I’ll show you exactly what you can do right now to avoid these problems that will cost you $10,000+ and make you a Clean Fortune in the process.

"88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience."

Source: EConsultancy.com

10 Fatal Flaws Every Cleaning Service Website Needs to Avoid - Clean Fortune


Your Site Will Always Be Up To Speed With


We are always adding new updates to your Clean Site every single month.


We’re always here to help you achieve your goals and if you need something that’s not included in your Clean Site, just let us know so we add your feature request to our list to work on in the future.

14-Day Risk-Free Trial Offer

14 Day Trial Cleaning Website - Clean Fortune

Look. You work hard for your money and you need to make sure you’re always looking out for numero uno: Yourself.

And I want to look out for you too by putting all of the risk on me.

If for any reason you aren’t just blown away by the value the Clean Site brings your cleaning business in the first 14 days, just cancel your subscription at no charge to you.

No strings attached. No fine print. No questions asked.

During the first 14 days if you’re not completely satisfied, just send us an email at support@cleanfortune.com and we’ll cancel your account right away!

Stop Wasting Time

Level Up Fast

“So you’re saying I can’t just go out and build a website for free on my own. Right?”


I spent 10,000+ hours becoming a marketing master. You can have instant access to the ultimate cleaning marketing website for 14 days, FOR FREE.

Less Time Wasted = More Time Earning


Your cleaning business needs a professional website to attract, acquire, and retain new customers.

It needs to do a lot of different things perfectly to truly be effective at generating new business for your company.

But you don’t have to master all of these different areas to reap all of the benefits of having a professional website. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You see, we’ve already got the wheel you need right here:

The Clean Site Is Your


The Clean Site is your shortcut get your website up to speed and cruising without wasting precious time.

The copy & paste cleaning website templates, technology, and frameworks contained within will allow you to overcome once difficult problems with ease.

Now is the time.

Stop wasting time and start making moves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Clean Site made for?

The Ultimate Marketing Website was made Exclusively for Cleaning Business owners. You’ll find everything you need to impress your customers in one, simple to use package.

How is it Different From Other Website Builders?

The Clean Site was built specifically for Cleaning Entrepreneurs and no one else. Unlike other website builders out there who are Jack of All Trades and Master of None. We are the Masters of Cleaning Websites, and ONLY Cleaning Websites.

Is My Site Available Right Away?

You get full access to your Clean Site from the moment you sign-up. 

But there are some special bonuses we have for you.. make sure you keep an eye on your email inbox!

What If I Don't Have Technical Skills?

The Clean Site was made for people just like you with ZERO technical skills. You’re a Professional Cleaner, not a Professional Web Developer.

We take the “difficult technical” parts out of the equation and make it easy for you to have a Clean Site.

I Already Have A Website. Why do I need a Clean Site Instead?

Clean Sites are made for cleaning professionals to become 10x more competitive online. 

If you run a business you want it to be as easy as possible for your visitors to get in touch with you and make a decision. With a Clean Site, there is only one choice they can make: Get in contact with you for your services that they need.

You can also benefit directly from the Clean Site if you already have a website. We made it for paid traffic so you can use it to run your Google Ads or Facebook Ads to get even higher conversion rates!

What If I Decide I Don't Like The Clean Site?

We stand by our word. If you don’t like it, just cancel your subscription before the end of your 14 day free trial.

But if you get stuck somewhere you can easily just let us know in our Help Desk and we will help you out.

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