Clean Expectations: Why Lead Generators Are Dangerous For Your Cleaning Business​

There is nothing harder than changing expectations after they have already been set. It’s like trying to move a stone foundation without breaking things. Easier said than done.

3rd Party Lead Generators Cleaning Business - Clean Fortune
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Clean expectations:

You have probably purchased leads from HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, or some other lead generation service. And these can be great ways to increase your inbound lead flow.

However, there are some serious issues with the model that I will break down for you here:

The leads you receive don’t know who you are. There is no PRESALE of your service.

The advertising copy used to generate leads are generic and often use tactics to increase clicks and leads but significantly reduce the quality of the leads.

For example:

Cheap House Cleaners Now – Low quality prospects, the worst of the worst when it comes to getting new customers in the door. They advertise this way because it is cheaper and gets good Click Through Rate, however it will only attract the type of customers you will HATE.

3rd Party Lead Generators Cleaning Business - Clean Fortune

But that’s only part of the problem.

You don’t have control over the messaging put in front of prospective customers from day one. This will create systemic problems throughout the lifecycle of the customer.

It’s a problem of expectation setting and perception control. You may get them in the door with your silky smooth sales process, but they will still have that original message “CHEAP HOUSE CLEANERS” in their minds. And as they use your service and pay their bills those original expectations will come back to haunt them and subsequently your business.

Long story short: Lead generation companies can be a valuable tool if you put a significant amount of thought and time into reframing expectations from that first interaction.

But that huge amount of thought, time and effort can be better spent crafting your own lead generation machine that will keep on producing without the loss of control on your end.

And that’s exactly what we help cleaning companies accomplish. Creating your own sales machine that you have complete control over.

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