UX (User Experience) and Your Cleaning Business: Questions Answered

We all dream of ranking high in search results pages and one way to do that is by improving UX or ‘user experience’.


UX is similar to treating your customers well in a physical shop, only in this situation, the experience happens in your virtual store or website. 


Now, we know you want your visitors to easily search, navigate, and be satisfied with your website. And this is why you need to learn a thing or two about UX.


Here’s how you can further improve the UX in your cleaning business’ website:


What is UX? 


UX or user experience is how your visitors experience your product. It doesn’t matter if your product is a website, mobile app, or social media page — UX is all about how the user interacts and feels when interacting with what you offer. It’s similar to the term ‘usability’ but is broader and includes the overall experience. 


Why does it matter?


UX plays a major role in your overall SEO strategy.


It matters because not only will it keep your users coming back to your site, but more importantly, Google and other search engines consider UX as one of its major ranking factors. 


Site speed, mobile-friendliness, structured content, internal linking, and backlinks, are all part of the user experience — and search engines prioritize these qualities in search results. After all, search engines are designed to provide searchers with the best and most relevant results. 


How do you promote a good UX?


To be able to promote a good user experience, put yourself in their shoes, and check your website from their perspective. Below is a checklist to help you provide a good UX:


  • Is your content well-structured and easy to navigate?
  • Is the design of your page relevant to its topic?
  • Are you using white spaces to balance your copy?
  • Are you using fonts and writing copy that’s easy to read?
  • Does it load fast enough even on data?
  • Does it work well on mobile?
  • Does the screen respond well to all kinds of devices?
  • Do you have a search button that’s easy to find?

What are the signs of a bad UX?


UX is based on human behavior. So, how do you measure that?


To find out whether your website has a good or bad UX, you can use data provided by your analytics. The key metrics you need to watch out for are bounce rate, time on page, pages per session, and conversion rate. 


In general, you have a bad UX if your users quickly abandon your site, stay only for a short period of time on a page, or if you generally get low conversions. 


Tip: You can run a survey with your customers to improve the UX of your site.




SEO is not just technical stuff. Keep in mind that as the owner of the website, we work on the technical side from the backend. But in the frontend, it shouldn’t feel technical or complicated at all. So, take the time to evaluate your site and make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Remember that the customer is your priority and this is why UX matters!


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