The Art of Branding and Service Design: What Every Cleaning Service Should Know

Most small business owners focus on marketing and sales for a good reason. And why not? They are the backbone of any business. 


Unfortunately, there are two less popular areas that most businesses neglect, both vital to achieving success, and those are branding and service design.


Is your cleaning service business one of them?


In this blog post, we discuss the art of branding and service design, why it matters, and the actionable steps you can take to develop your business. 




Branding is the act of building the character and image of your company to distinguish your products and services from the crowd. It makes up the feel of your business, and if done properly, can evoke emotions and build trust and relationships with consumers. 


Your brand identity is a combination of elements that represents your company, which you need to build through branding strategies. 


Why is branding important?


Branding could make or break your business. 


While it helps to provide a memorable impression to consumers, it also builds loyalty because consumers can relate better to a brand rather than a company with no character at all.


Brand awareness can build your authority in the industry and drive business revenue. 


Here’s a checklist of what you need to build a solid brand identity: 


Logo design – When creating a logo, think of an image that represents the nature of your business. Create a simple but standout design, and make sure it looks good no matter what size.


Color palette – Choose a few colors that match your company’s core services. As a cleaning business, it’s ideal to stick with whites, blues, and greens to reflect cleanliness and eco-friendliness. 


Typography – Typography or the fonts are neglected most of the time but they have a great effect on how customers perceive your brand. Choose a font that’s easy to read and match your style. Use a font like Comic Sans and clients won’t take you seriously.


Brand voice – A brand voice is the manner in which you communicate with your audience. Define your voice early on and be consistent to be remembered. Examples of voice are authoritative, quirky, helpful, witty, etc. You can mix and match them to set an original voice.


Editorial style guide – Defining an editorial style guide and sticking to it keeps your copy clean within your various marketing collaterals. To help you create an editorial style guide, you may download templates online and customize it to your liking. These guidelines set the use of language, tone, punctuation, and formatting. 


Tagline – A brilliant tagline grabs the attention of readers while showing them exactly what your company does. Take your time to craft a tagline that’s short, memorable, and defines what you do.


USP – Your USP or unique selling point will separate you from your competitors. Identify what your company’s USP is and make sure to highlight it as much as you can. 


Service Design


Interconnected with branding, service design is the act of improving your services by identifying pain points in your systems and solving them to provide a better overall experience. 


Think of how customers use your services. Are they easy to understand? Are they efficient for you and your customers?


Service design is a human-centered approach where UX (user experience) meets your business process. 


Why is service design important?


Nowadays, service design is essential to the user experience, which is a big ranking factor for search engines. It’s more popular than ever due to the complication of processes that come with ever-evolving technology. It also affects your organic reach, as well as your ranking in results pages. 


Taking actions to improve service design increases the quality of your service and relaxes the interaction with your brand and customers. 


Here’s what you need to improve your service design: 


  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes and map your services from the inquiry stage to after-sales marketing.


  • Do some research and surveys to further learn about your employees’ and customers’ experiences. 


  • Think of service design as a never-ending process where you are constantly developing new ideas.




The art of branding and service design should play a big part in your business plan. 


Keep in mind that branding is focused on how you are perceived in the marketplace, while service design is focused on providing a better service experience that will benefit you and your customers.


Improving on these two areas will tie your marketing together and help you create a more holistic approach. 


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