How to Market Your Cleaning Company During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A health crisis is looming. The economy is crashing. Fear and panic is in the air as the coronavirus continues to threaten the world. Many businesses, large and small, are losing money and closing their doors. And as we brave this ‘new normal’, the question we should ask ourselves is — how can we adapt to the new environment? 


It’s a whole new world out there and being in the cleaning industry, it’s our duty to do as much as we can by serving as frontliners to this war. Our enemy: COVID-19.


But how can we help if we can’t even survive? 


In this article, we’ve detailed some actionable steps to make sure your cleaning business stays not only open, but thriving. Through an effective marketing strategy, we’re going to help you adapt to the current situation and ensure the flow of your income.


Here’s how you can market your cleaning company during the coronavirus pandemic:


The opportunity


During this time, many companies are closing their doors, which means less competition. Advertisers are dropping out of biddings, while others are cost-cutting, and this could be an opportunity for you, if you know how to deal with the cards you’re dealt. 


Many businesses are afraid, unsure, and this is the time to step up and position your brand as a community leader. You need to build trust and maintain a good reputation. Brand yourself as an authority and a credible source of valuable information in the market. Because recognizing this opportunity is key to your marketing success! 


Everyone is fearful, but if you are able to build trust in the community you’re serving, there will be a mutual benefit to the people and your business.  


Just remember, educate first before selling and you’ll be left standing when the dust settles.


What can you do?


In terms of marketing, you can employ both organic and paid marketing strategies. The list below details the actionable steps you can take right now, to help your cleaning company make it through the pandemic. 


  • Optimize your landing page


In landing pages, there are only three things you need to optimize: a clear offer, a clear description of service and a clear CTA or call-to-action. Give readers one simple action and don’t confuse them with numerous buttons and text on your landing page. 


Then, you need to make sure you have an efficient process in place. Whether you’re looking after the leads yourself, have employees watching it for you, or have an automated system — it’s important to quickly follow up and respond when your leads do come in. 


You can convert them through form submissions where you can get information like email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, etc. 


Tip: Don’t complicate your form. Keep it simple! 


  • Dig into the market with Google Ads


If you want to do some research, dig into the market as a whole and find out what the latest buzz is — we highly recommend Google Ads. 


Whether you are a residential or commercial cleaning company, Google Ads will be beneficial to you as it allows being selective with your keywords. You can focus your services by choosing the right keywords (and negative keywords) to ensure that you only pay for the specific ones that you want. 


Google Ads is a flexible paid platform where you don’t need a lot of money to start generating leads. It’s as simple as selecting your keywords, location, budget and target audience. 


Tip: Set up your coverage area. You can have it as narrow or as broad as you want. 


  • Jump in the mix with Facebook Groups


Being in the cleaning business, many opportunities can be found by joining various groups on Facebook. You may use Facebook Groups to jump in conversations within households and local business groups, position yourself as a leader and a storyteller, and turn them into brand advocates. 


First, recognize your target demographic. For example, If you’re a residential cleaning company, you can try going into mom groups or home DIY groups. If you’re a commercial cleaning company, you can try environmental groups or local events.


Find those groups that are thriving and bursting at the seams with engagement, then jump right into the mix to add value. Look for an engaged audience and earn their trust by providing them with valuable content and relevant information. This way, they will come to you when they need to.


Tip: Your goal here is to educate and build trust — do not sell! 


  • Send emails and SMS


With all the new channels and platforms today, sending emails and SMS is still one of the easiest and most effective ways to get in front of your audience


It may seem ‘old school’ but email and SMS are fundamentals because you can use them to stay relevant — by sending personalized and targeted messages, improving your brand’s credibility and maintaining a strong relationship between you and your customers. Plus, results are measurable so you’ll know which actions to take next.


Tip: To stir up old business, try surveys and follow up messages. To catch new fish, try special offers and deal announcements.


  • Create videos to rank on YouTube


Got YouTube yet? 


Uploading videos is a great way to market your cleaning company during the coronavirus pandemic because it allows you to be more personal and engaging with your content. Clean Fortune’s founder and CEO Tom Varney said: “YouTube is a way of bridging the gap, where you could talk to someone face to face, and build that trust at a more personal level.”


Additionally, posting on YouTube is done rarely in the cleaning business, unlike in other industries, which is another great reason why you should  jump on it.


Tip: When posting, focus on the title, description and get people to subscribe or comment after watching the video.


How you can optimize your site


The top three things you should optimize in your cleaning services website are title tags, meta descriptions and headings


Title tags are the most important as they are direct ranking signals, while meta descriptions, an indirect ranking signal, are a good spot to write an effective and solid copy. It doesn’t need to have the keywords (although it would make it more relevant), but it is an important space to support your title and provide information. 


If you already have a website up and running then all you need to do is check on these three variables, to make them relevant and aligned with your goals.


Tip: Google cares about user experience, so being relevant is important — keep this in mind and you’ll always do well. 


The Cleaning Lead Machine


At Clean Fortune, we have come up with a turnkey marketing solution that makes it easy for you to get in front of your customers. ‘The Cleaning Lead Machine’ is a complete platform that handles lead generation and turns those leads into dollar bills.


What we do is analyze marketing trends and generate powerful sales funnels for both residential and commercial cleaning businesses. Our system also employs marketing automations, which convert your visitors into leads. 


And with comprehensive, real-time marketing reporting that covers all the bases — we provide transparency for all of our reputable clients.


Click here if you want to schedule a free marketing consultation. 


Last reminders…


We do hope you’ve learned some valuable information to help you market your cleaning company during the coronavirus pandemic. 


Always remember: recognize the opportunities, be helpful to your audience, stand out as a leader in your community, provide the right information and continue to optimize your website and landing pages. Make a habit of ‘educating’ your audience instead of ‘selling’ to your audience. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but it will reward you in the end! 


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