How Marketing & Advertising Works For Cleaning Businesses:

Before you ever spend a dollar marketing or advertising your cleaning business, make sure you read this post. 

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The goal of marketing & advertising for cleaning services is to get in new customers below your first 90 day breakeven point.

For example:

Each new customer you acquire costs you $30, and you are spending $1,000 on marketing/advertising per month.

That would mean you are bringing in 33 new customers per month for that $1,000.

If you only charge $100 per cleaning for each of these customers every 2 weeks, that would be $3,300 every two weeks in additional recurring revenue, or $6,600 in additional recurring revenue per month.

If you continued at this pace for 90 with zero customer churn (clients cancelling) you would have created an additional $19,800 in recurring revenue every month for your business with a marketing cost of only $3,000.

This translates to a $16,800 investment gain on the $3,000 spent in marketing or a 560% ROI over the course of 90 days.

As you can see, the Return on Investment (ROI) for this type of strategic marketing can quickly grow so long as your business is setup to scale up.

Please keep in mind this is only an example and there are many, MANY additional factors to take into account to achieve these types of results. Though with the right setup, team, automation, strategy, and hard work these numbers are totally feasible.

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