Free Disinfection Services Cold Email Template

Free Disinfection Services Cold Email Template - Clean Fortune
Getting the right message out in front of your local audience during the Coronavirus outbreak is essential to landing more disinfection jobs. Check out our free disinfection service cold email template below.


commitment to clean – disinfecting {PROSPECT BUSINESS NAME}



My name’s {YOUR NAME} and I’m the President of locally-owned {YOUR BUSINESS NAME} of {YOUR CITY}. I wanted to reach out and reaffirm our commitment to serving {PROSPECT BUSINESS NAME}’s cleaning needs, including a variety of hospital-recommended disinfection methods like electrostatic disinfection spray.

Founded in {YEAR YOU STARTED BUSINESS} by professional cleaning pioneers, {YOUR BUSINESS NAME} developed a new “level of clean” with uniformed, career-cleaning professionals focused on helping all types of businesses shine with medical-grade cleaning solutions.

With {YOUR BUSINESS NAME}, clients trust:
• Certified “green seal” assurance: Reduce risk with a happier, healthier workspace.
• Accountability: Clients receive 50 point written inspections monthly (or weekly in some instances).
• No Headaches: {YOUR BUSINESS NAME} relieves day-to-day operating difficulties by ensuring rigorous candidate qualification, uniformed appearance and extensive training.

I’m happy to start with another contact if that’s better for you, but I was hoping we could make an introduction at some point next week or the following. (Sometimes we work with the Owner, Building Management or the Head of Maintenance.)

Is there a day of the week you’re typically free?

Again, if there’s another person I should connect with, you can even forward this email on and :cc me? I’ll take it from there!


Simple enough, right? Simply take this template and get it in the hands of local business owners near you. They need all they help they can get right now!

Looking for more ideas on marketing your cleaning business during the apocalypse? Checkout my free training on Marketing Your Cleaning Business During The Coronavirus Outbreak HERE.

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